flawless by Manuela

Flawless Permanent Professional Cosmetics is an all round cosmetics company set up by Manuela Incendiario. Flawless aims to deliver the highest possible service for clients seeking natural, permanent or medical enhancements to their features. Flawless also provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions using Xtreme Lashes® (USA).

These services are practiced using the most advanced international techniques, while adhering to strict hygiene and sanitation methods.

Flawless aims to satisfy the needs of the client by providing accurate consultation, great service; a professional manner and informative education about cosmetics in general. Whether it is a course on how to apply make-up like a professional, to get you looking your best for your special day or to enhance your beauty permanently, Flawless is here to deliver a professional cosmetics service.

Manuela, owner of Flawless Cosmetics has achieved the highest accreditation worldwide: CPCP USA (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional).

Manuela also has an international Certificate of completion in Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control.

Manuela is an active member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Active members must meet the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. Members are kept apprised of developments and techniques in the industry, through regular announcements and newsletters as well as conventions and educational conferences. Education is the key to success in the Permanent Makeup business.

in-salon services

As well as our usual services, Flawless also offers an In-salon Service whereby we will come to you and carry out treatments in your salon/spa or clinic.

Flawless holds an excellent reputation so you can be assured of a very high quality product and service. If you are not ready to train or are just thinking of adding this lucrative treatment to your salon, then let us at Flawless take away the worry of you losing out.

We will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials such as brochures for client information, genuine Flawless portfolio and posters so you can create awareness of the Flawless brand.

We cover all areas of Micro-pigmentation including Paramedical procedures. All you will need to do is market the product to your existing clients, book in the necessary amount of clients and then we will come and do the treatments on your premises and we’ll pay you an excellent commission. If you have your own website we can then provide a hyper-link from ours to yours and vice-versa, giving you even more exposure.

Once you have received all the marketing material you may then decide on a day, say two months ahead, which you can work on to plan your semi-permanent make-up day. This will be booked in your diary and the Flawless diary. (Depending on your geographical location there will be a minimum amount of confirmed bookings required and this will be discussed with you by Flawless. The bookings will need to be secured by means of a non-refundable cash deposit that will have been made clear to your client and which you will hold. Payment is made direct from client to us. Payment is either my means of Electronic Transfer or cash. We do not accept cheques due to unforeseen circumstances).