professional natural make-up

As a professional make up artist my forte is special occasions. As the mandated make up artist for the Da Vincenzo Function Venue, I have helped prepare many brides, matriculants and ladies for their special occasion with stunning cosmetic results. I would like the opportunity to make you look your best for that very special day.

the products we use

Numeric Proof - High Quality Make-up for High Definition Images


The Numeric Proof make-up range is specifically designed for use by those exposed to digital imaging. The range of nearly 200 products, created by a French specialist in the development and distribution of make-up products, has been specially formulated to produce make-up that hides the imperfections which tend to be highlighted by digital processing, while leaving a natural film on the skin.

The Numeric Proof range is the result of two years of research. The products aim to meet the requirements of new technical constraints linked to digital imaging in photography, television and cinema. This research has led to the development of a foundation which combines cover and transparency, producing a subtle balance which is both matt and luminous. The skin breathes, features remain natural in the image and the face preserves its glow under all circumstances.

Numeric Proof has become well known in France for its high-definition professional make-up. After three years on the market, the company now offers a wide range of nearly 200 products. Although the brand is known for its foundations, it also produces all types of cosmetics - for the body, eyes and lips as well as accessories (brushes, sponges, professional cases, etc.).

Numeric Proof is used by 3000 professional make-up artists worldwide, but the range is also available to consumers. The make-up is designed for anyone requiring extreme precision, comfort and long-lasting effects. A range of shades and make-up solutions for all types of skin is available.

M.A.C. Make-up

I have over 10 years experience in this industry and in that time I have used many products. The one I feel is the best for professional application is M.A.C.

Make-up Art Cosmetics Inc, better known to most as M.A.C, is an international brand of cosmetics, that originally became famous through word-of-mouth endorsements by professional makeup artists, models and celebrities. The company has become synonymous with glamour due to its ever-growing presence in the fashion industry, continued use of celebrity endorsements and commitment to cruelty-free products and universal diversity.

I am a M.A.C. Make-up professional and solely use M.A.C.s range which is of the highest quality, has excellent skin compatibility, blends very well and is long lasting. The product is ideal for those all important occasions where only the best will suffice!

As a cosmetics professional we use strict hygiene and sanitation practices to ensure that brushes are sterilized between clients with a special brush cleanser to remove any bacteria etc. Additonally we also ensure that lip and eye liners are sharpened between clients to prevent any transfer of bacteria.

I am confident that with the M.A.C. range of products and my experience in the last 10 years that we can create a look that will have you looking your best.

Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that will extend your eyelashes for a beautiful, natural look and feel! They are perfect for special occasions or every day wear for vibrant, long and luscious lashes. Contact us for more information.

Eye Majic

Instant Eye Shadow, is the worlds first complete eye shadow application allowing users to apply eye shadow without the burdened fuss of brushes and pots. Hypo-allergenic and cruelty free, Eye Majic gives you picture perfect eyes in under 10 seconds. Simply press on the eye lid and swipe across for professional results. More information.


Flawless is an official stockist of Eye Majic.

your special occasion

Wedding Make-Up Trial

There are two main components to the bridal make-up service - a trial, and the wedding day makeover itself. The bridal make-up trial is very important and essential to try different looks / products, and to ensure that we find the look you've always dreamt of for your wedding day. The trial usually takes place in the Flawless make-up studio, and lasts for +- 2 hours. The trial session is normally done a month prior to your special occasion.

During the trial we will discuss all aspects of make up as well as professionally shape and style to brows using Threading and tweezing.

Pre-Preparation Advice
(2 weeks prior)

  • Eyelash/brow tinting
  • Have a anti ageing/deep cleansing facial so the skin is freshly exfoliated, promoting longer lasting effects for your make-up on the day
  • Nourish lips every night to ensure that the are in top condition for the lipstick and photographs

Useful Tip: If you had some make-up ideas in mind try and bring along some photos as this would be of great assistance in defining the look you would like to achieve.. Its evident with all those who appear in front of a camera that the camera and flash pick up everything so in order to assist in getting the look correct, digital "before and after" photos, can be taken so we can decide if we want to change anything before your big day!

Wedding Day Make-Up Service

The wedding make-up service itself is based on a fixed fee, which includes the makeover for the bride, and as many other members of the wedding party as required (subject to the time available). I normally will arrive at the venue or desired location a few hours prior to the time the bride will need to depart for the wedding ceremony, and then stay with the wedding party until you leave for the church. For planning purposes, the bridal make up takes about 1.5 - 2 hours on the day, and that makeovers for other members of the bridal party will take approximately 45 minutes each .

If you would like Flawless to stay into the evening to help with any touching up for wedding photos, or to apply a more glamorous evening look, Flawless will be happy to do by separate arrangement.

There is a R250.00 fee for the Flawless artist arriving prior to 8:00 a.m.


Michelle before and after her wedding make-over


Before and after wedding make-over


Before and after make-over


Anthea before and after her wedding make-over


Carol-Anne (left) and Michelle (middle), and (?) (right) after their wedding make-overs


Lee-Anne before and after her wedding make-over


Kirsten before and after her matric dance make-over


Before and after make-over


Before and after make-over


Before and after make-over


Before and after make-over


After make-over

additional make-up services

Flawless Make-up Lessons

The application of make-up is a skill that women are expected to possess, and yet one in which they very rarely receive any formal training. We are often reliant on a process of learning through trial and error - often an expensive path in a world where products are marketed on the basis of brand - not their suitability to different skin tones or bone structures. The secret of a beautiful face isn't an expensively assembled make-up bag, or complicated application techniques - it's about using the right products in the right places to bring your natural beauty to the fore. My make-up lessons are designed to help strip away the mystery of make-up, and help to find the small number of products and the simple application techniques that are right for you as an individual.

Each make-up lesson is unique as it is tailored to the experience of the individual client, from teens looking to discover the secrets behind the latest looks to women aged fifty plus wanting to feel great. Listening to your personal experiences with make-up, and understanding what you as an individual want from the make-up lesson.

Included in each lesson:

  • Step by step tuition telling you exactly what you need to know, what works and what doesn't
  • A "5 Minute Day Makeover" routine for you that will leave you looking great without taking over your mornings
  • A "5 Minute Day Makeover" routine for you that will leave you looking great without taking over your mornings
  • Tuition via a "half face" technique allowing you to build confidence by practicing new techniques throughout the make-up lesson

Above all, the make-up lesson are designed to give you skills that will suit your lifestyle, and that are practical enough to have a positive impact on your everyday life.

A Useful Tip: Make up lessons are great for updating your look or for tips on doing your own wedding make-up.

The cost of the make-up lesson is R750 for a lesson lasting approximately 2 hours. All lessons are conducted on a 1:1 basis, although I also offer large or smallgroup make up lessons, corporate functions,incentives / team building events etc. The larger the group the less you pay per person.

Click here for a Make up lesson quote.

Gift vouchers are available.

Manuela is an official member of MAC Pro. Flawless is also an official stockist of Eye Majic.